Pineview Run

Pineview Run is a motorsports and outdoor enthusiasts country club. No tennis, no golf, but cars, bikes, ATVs, shooting, hunting and horses. Their 1.1 mile track is tight and technical, with lots of elevation, and an average speed of about 50 mph. These factors make it the ideal testing venue for low-speed aerodynamics, exactly the kinds of conditions you might experience on the street, or on an autocross course.

Pineview Run, a technical skills track and rollercoaster.

It’s hard to pinpoint any area of the track where drag reduction or downforce will be noticeable, and the delta on overall lap times might be the only place I see consistent data. The one exception is the knuckle, a triple-apex 3rd gear corner where I may be able to get reliable data on downforce and grip.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • Turn 1 is fast or very fast, depending on where you want to enter Turn 2. It’s a fun compromise.
  • Turn 2 is a 2nd gear 180 carousel, I like to pitch it in and drift sideways here, which may not be the fastest way around, but it’s fun.
  • The rollercoaster is tight and then downhill, and it doesn’t feel like there are a lot of options here, so I kind of just get through it.
  • The boot is the most fun, it starts flat, but then goes uphill into switchbacks that are a great place to explore rear traction.
  • The knuckle is the fastest corner on the track, and tests how well the car is balanced front to rear. Downforce may be useful.
  • The blind hairpin is downhill going in and uphill coming out. I don’t like the idea of overshooting this corner and hitting the berm, so I concentrate on a good exit rather than a deep entry.
  • The final two corners are a fun place to get the car sideways, but the low speed 180s require shuffle steering or crossing over, which is a lot of effort with a manual rack. If aero is useful here, I’ll be surprised.