Miata Aerodynamics

This is a website dedicated to Miata aerodynamics, endurance racing, and DIY. The name is a pun on Occam’s Razor, which I’ll paraphrase as “if you have many competing theories, choose the simplest.” For driving enjoyment, economy, and car racing, Miatas are the simplest solution. Thirty years after its introduction, this is still true.

This website is organized by the following menus

  • Home – Stuff about me, how I do research, and how to support that.
  • Results – Data and conclusions from the testing I did at Watkins Glen.
  • DIY– Miata projects for the home builder.
  • Articles – Aerodynamic theory, race reports, all sorts of crap.
  • Wings – I put all the wing articles in one place for easier reference.
  • Blog – Most of the content is posted to the blog before it goes into a sub-menu.

This is an intellectual pursuit, not a business business venture; I don’t sell anything. If you feel this information is helpful and you want to kick some back, buy me a coffee. This will also get you the password to all the locked articles.

Man & Machine Consulting were responsible for all the initial testing and data gathering on my car. If you want the best in data gathering, analytics, and race car setup, I highly recommend them.

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