Mission: Miata Aero

This is a website dedicated to Miata aerodynamics and endurance racing. The name is a pun on Occam’s Razor, which I’ll paraphrase as “if you have many competing theories, choose the simplest solution.” For driving enjoyment, economy, and car racing, Miatas are the simplest solution. Thirty years after its introduction, this is still true.

Most of this website’s content is focused on aerodynamic theory, DIY fabrication, and real-world testing. There’s great content on Miata aerodynamics all over the net, but it’s not easy to find. And so part of the mission is to collate existing Miata aero content, as well as provide new data to fill existing knowledge gaps (roofline shape, for example).

This is an intellectual pursuit, not a business venture. I don’t sell anything. There are affiliate links to Amazon because they have a lot of products and pictures, and perhaps I’ll get a gift card out this venture some day.