I remember the first time I drove my dad’s Miata, the thing that was most memorable was how directly the car communicated. It felt like the car was connected to me, and that I could actually feel the road. It wasn’t fast, but I could get everything out of it.

I’ve always been more of a motorcycle guy, and my track bike has more power than most Miatas. So it’s obviously not power that makes me like Miatas. But there’s something about driving one that makes them the only car I care about.

I’m an identical twin, and my brother Ian and I each have two Miatas, one race car, and one street car. Ian, ahem, Dr Korf, is a scientist and approaches cars and driving from that perspective. He wrote the book You Suck at Racing, and has a weekly blog of the same name. I’ve contributed a couple articles to his blog (as did my wife, amusingly). I’ve decided to create my own site so I can write more about Miatas, aerodynamics, and performance.

I’m a writer by trade, and was an editor and staff writer for Moto-Euro magazine for four years. By day I’m a technical writer for Akamai, and I previously worked at Salesforce and was part of the small team that invented their incredible learning platform, Trailhead.

I’m not a mathematician, and I don’t know much about fluid dynamics, but I read a lot, and I’m motivated to put theory into practice. I may get into some armchair aerodynamics here and there, but the aim is to focus on building things and real-world testing.