Race Reports

I run a crappy race team. Most of my drivers are better than I am, and most of the time we run into some kind of bad luck. I’m not sure why I’m still doing it; racing is a financial sink hole and a constant source of frustration. Nevertheless, I persist.

  • NJMP. Not. – That time I was supposed to race Lemons but then shit all over myself. Literally.
  • Everturrible – Racing PittRace in Tom’s minivan is becoming a yearly tradition. This time I get punted off track in the fastest corner, and do some tire testing. Also, A+ theme.
  • Mid Ohio – A super strong team of drivers, but some stupid mistakes and then a wheel bearing failure in the fastest corner.
  • Pineview Cup – A recap of a fun season. I was the race organizer and hardly raced, but that was still fun.
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