Track day

Occam’s Racer is hosting a track day at New York Safety Track (NYST) on July 5th, 2022.

  • Motorsports photographer Peter Levins will take photos and video, and provide free, unlimited access to all media.
  • A healthy lunch and unlimited drinks will be provided. If you have dietary restrictions, you’ll probably find something to eat, but please plan accordingly.
  • Lots of track time, rock bottom pricing.

If you have any questions, text Mario at 415.269.3246.

Skill level

This is event is for advanced and intermediate (solo) drivers.

Novice drivers may be allowed on a case-by-case basis, contact Mario before signing up. To be considered for that, you must be a highly skilled driver (autocross, ice racing, rallycross or other relevant experience) and you’ll need a driving instructor in the passenger seat at all times. However, no instructors are provided for this event, you’ll have to make those arrangements on your own.

NYST rules and regulations

This event is held under New York Safety Track’s insurance, and so all cars must pass NYST tech inspection and follow their track rules. Their rules are posted online, please read them. If you don’t read the rules, and subsequently fail tech inspection, that’s on you.

Don’t crash

Crashing your car sucks, not just for you, but for everyone. Crashing requires cleanup, alters the day’s schedule, and is less track time for everyone. For this reason, I removed the time trial portion of this event, and I highly discourage anyone from pushing themselves or others into chasing a lap time and making a mistake.

Note that if you crash your car or spread oil/coolant around the track, NYST will charge you for cleanup. You’ll also get the stink eye from every other driver, since they are literally paying for your mistake.

If you spin your car or go four off, you must pit immediately. Don’t go back on track until you’ve talked to the track marshal and event staff (Mario, Ian or someone else on the Occam’s Racer team). If you spin or go off track twice, pit in immediately, you’re done for that session and the next one. You’ll get a stern talking to, and an instructor ride along when you go out again. If this happens three times, you’re done for the day, without a refund, and you’re not coming to another Occam’s Racer track day again.

Run groups

Run groups may change based on sign-ups, track condition, delays, etc. But the plan is to have three run groups, with the aim of maximizing track time. If we have too many cars for three run groups, we’ll add a fourth group as either point-by or open passing, depending on who registers.

  • Open passing 1 and 2. For advanced drivers and some intermediate drivers by permission.
    • The open passing group will be divided into two groups based on median lap time, which is as yet undetermined.
    • Passing allowed anywhere on track, but be safe and courteous; no stealing apexes, no blocking, and consider pointing by faster cars .
    • Anyone who exhibits dangerous passes, is aggressive, unsafe, or behaves like a jackass will not be allowed back on track, and will not receive a refund.
  • Point by. This group is for intermediate (solo) drivers, advanced drivers who have never been to NYST, and anyone who prefers point-by passing.
    • Passing on the left only, in three zones: the front straight, between T4 and T5, and between T8-T9.
    • If you are stuck behind a train of cars, come through pit lane and ask the starter to find you a gap in traffic.
    • If you’re an advanced driver who is coming to NYST for the first time, you can move to the appropriate open passing group when you’ve learned the track (after lunch would be a good time).

Car identification

All cars require a number on each side, preferably on the front door. You may use painter’s tape, but professionally made vinyl stickers are recommended, as they look better in photos.


You may camp at the track Monday night. NYST charges $20 per vehicle. People camping must arrive Monday evening between 6-10pm.

The first warm-up sessions are 15 minutes, after that, each session is 20 minutes. The final hour of the day is open passing for all groups. This isn’t as crazy or as packed as it sounds, as most people are done by this point. Chin Track Days has done this “happy hour” format with much success.

It’s unlikely to happen, but if we add a fourth run group, you’ll get one less session. But it’ll still be a lot of track time, and great value for the money!

6:30am Gates open
7:00-8:30 Registration and tech
8:30-9:00 Mandatory drivers meeting
9:00-9:15 NYST first timers on track
9:15-9:30 Open, faster
9:30-9:45 Open, fast
9:45-10:00 Point by
10:00-10:20 Open, faster
10:20-10:40 Open, fast
10:40-11:00 Point by
11:00-11:20 Open, faster
11:20-11:40 Open, fast
11:40-12:00 Point by
12:00-1:00 Lunch – track closed
1:00-1:20 Open, faster
1:20-1:40 Open, fast
1:40-2:00 Point by
2:00-2:20 Open, faster
2:20-2:40 Open, fast
2:40-3:00 Point by
3:00-3:20 Open, faster
3:20-3:40 Open, fast
3:40-4:00 Point by
4:00-5:00 Happy hour

Sign me up!

Pricing is as follows:

  • $175 early sign up before April 1.
  • $195 regular price, April-May.
  • $225 late sign up, June 1st or later.
  1. Fill out this form to get on the roster.
  2. Pay me at paypalme/occamsracer. When you check out, use Personal: friends and family. If you don’t use friends and family, I’ll back charge you whatever PayPal charges me.

If you don’t or won’t use PayPay, you may pay by the following:

  • Venmo @Mario-Korf
  • Send a check to Mario Korf, 137 Hopkins Rd, Ithaca NY 14850
  • Cash in person, well in advance of the event

Full refunds will be given up to June 14th, after that, there are no refunds. If you experience an emergency or have car trouble and can’t make it, please find someone else to take your place.

If you have any questions, text Mario at 415.269.3246.

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