1993 Street Miata

My 1993 Miata was my dad’s car, which he bought at 68 years old and drove for 20 years. I graphed all his receipts, and one year he installed cruise control and did 12k miles, back and forth between NY and Florida. Whenever I fold myself in and out of the car, I think about him doing that and at his age.

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Dad’s driving history.

After he passed away I started modifying it. It’s a street car with A/C and cruise, and so I kept it in that vein and added a Bluetooth stereo and the overpriced ILM console, which works out to like $90 per cup holder. Worth it.

Both seats have a foamectomy, and I added Wet Okole neoprene seat covers, and got matching neoprene for the door cards. I added heated seats, and inflatable lumbar supports, too. I didn’t need a remote trunk lift, or Pocket Pods, but got them anyway. Yeah, Moss Miata took a lot of my early money. (I still want their low-profile headlights, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.)

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Early cockpit photo.

The stock steering wheel got in the way for heel-toe shifting, so I installed a smaller one, as well as aluminum pedals with a toe extension. The cockpit is now a nice place to do business, with all the mod cons and nothing that takes away from comfort.

For track days I got a hard dog rollbar, lighter wheels (he still had the steelies!), Falken Azenis 615K tires, and upgraded the suspension with NB top hats. I probably should have bought better shocks, but the Tein Street Advance coilovers are a fine budget compromise for track days and street driving, and if you’ve driven on the roads in Upstate NY, you know you don’t want stiff anything. I have a Racing Beat hollow front sway bar, and a shock tower brace because it was free. I also got a tow hitch which I use with a rear rack to carry tires.

I did the usual easy power mods with a DIY intake and Cobalt cat-back exhaust, and added the first bit of aero, an R-package front lip. I tracked it that way at New York Safety Track. Here’s my wife and I on a cold day at NYST.

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New York Safety Track

Later I added a Megasquirt PNP2 and that alone dropped seconds and added 4 mph to the top speed. I don’t know what it was making before, but I had it dynoed at Overdrive Automotive in Johnson City, and it put down 106 hp using the Megasquirt’s 1.6 base map. The car doesn’t have a wide-band O2 sensor yet, and so he couldn’t do much with the tune, but that’s pretty healthy for an otherwise stock 1.6. This winter I installed a Raceland header and Magnaflow high-flow cat. That’s pretty much how it sits now.