About me

I’m an amateur car racer with an interest in aerodynamics. I have zero credentials or education in this. But I read a lot, and sometimes get out of my armchair and experiment. I’ve benefitted a lot from research and testing other people have done, and this site is my way of giving back.

I was initially drawn to exotic cars, but then I realized I’d never own a Ferrari. But… I might own the Ferrari of motorcycles! So I got into bikes for a while. I went to motorcycle mechanics school and was briefly a BWM level 2 technician. I later worked as an editor and staff writer for Moto-Euro magazine.

I never did get the Ferrari of motorcycles, but I have the Lamborghini, as it were, a 1974 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. My daily ride is more utilitarian, a 1975 Honda XL350. Here it is with my wife, Jenna.

So much depends upon a red motorcycle, glazed with rain water, beside the white chick.

One day I was at a track day and I saw the biggest pile of shit car being loaded up on a trailer for a race. The owner told me about the 24 Hours of Lemons. Racing $500 cars wheel-to-wheel was the dumbest, most reckless, and biggest waste of resources that I could imagine, and so a year later I was racing a first-gen MR2 with a boat we built around it. I somehow convinced my brother and some close friends to waste their time and money on this as well. Fools.

The Lemons folks dubbed it the M-Ark-2, and it won an Organizer’s Choice award. The car handled great, even with the aerodynamics of a boat.

Later we’d transform it into a half Ferrari F40, half Lamborghini Countach, and it wound up on Car and Driver’s “Best Hooptie-ass Ferrari” list. It spun rod bearings every other race and we eventually had to give it away or it would have ruined us.

Now I race a Miata. It’s a better car, and it got me into experimenting with aero. Eventually I hope to come full circle and get back to racing a car with a boat around it.