Pushing the Pause Button

I started this website about a year ago with some ideas about testing Miata aerodynamics at Watkins Glen. Through those tests and other research, I feel like I’ve made some decent contributions to the Miataverse. It’s been a fun project, but time consuming and expensive. I was hoping Miata enthusiasts might kick back some my way via PayPal, but only one person has ever donated to the cause.

I’ve had a recent change of fortune, well, more of a reversal of fortune, and I’m now pouring myself into a new venture that will take a lot of time and money. For however long this takes, I have to push the pause button on Occam’s Racer, and get on with the business of starting a business. Unfortunately this new venture has nothing to do with Miatas, cars, or racing. I’m developing a mobile app, and if this is successful, I’ll make it back to my side project with more time and money.

2 thoughts on “Pushing the Pause Button”

  1. I’m very sad to see this come to a pause as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every thought provoking update you’ve made. Hopefully you return back again to us sooner than later!


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