Pineview’s Future and Black Friday Sale

The other day I was invited up to Pineview Run for a presentation of the club’s three-year plan, and to provide feedback. I’m honored to be included in such things, and I’ll do whatever I can to help secure the future of this club. The future looks bright!

One of the things track enthusiasts will be excited about is Phase 2 of the track, which adds more real estate. It’s much faster, with large radius corners and straights that should get the horsepower cars over 100 mph.

A racing-line (smoothed) version of the track in OptimumLap.

The details aren’t final yet, but my brother Ian made a version of the track in OptimumLap based on initial sketches, and so we’re already running simulations on lap times and top speed. On the existing track, I run around a 1:20 on Yokohama S.Drives (don’t judge!), and on the longer track I’d be looking at a 1:41. Top speed on my 110 hp Miata goes from 67 mph to 87 mph in the simulation. So, yeah, your Corvette, M3, 911 or whatever will do the ton.

I don’t know when Phase 2 will be started, but one of the concerns is surely safety. I brought this up in the meeting, and Todd, shared some statistics. Since opening the track in the fall of 2017, nearly 1500 drivers have completed 50,000 laps, with a perfect safety record. That’s zero injuries and everyone has driven their car home (barring any mechanical failures). Safety will remain a primary concern going forward, especially with the track extension in mind.

Black Friday sale (updated 12/4/2020)

Last year I bought a six-pack of track passes on Black Friday so I could give friends a discounted rate when they come to the track with me. At $150 each, I thought they were a good deal. This year Pineview has an even better deal in the annual pass.

For $149 per month, you get unlimited track time. No, you can’t join for just one month, this is based on a yearly subscription. If that’s too steep for you, there are two other options. For $79 per month, you get unlimited weekend track time. That works out to less $1000, and that’s a lot of weekend track time.

I told my brother about this, and he said that he’d be more interested in a weekday version of the same package. I guess that might appeal to people who have other things to do on the weekend, but have weekdays free. Or maybe they want to “work from home” at the clubhouse, and do track sessions in between meetings and whatnot. Todd added this package, as well.

This is a Black Friday sale, and Todd may not offer this deal every year, so if you’re weighing this vs a gym membership, do some pushups and sit-ups or something. I want to see you at the track.

NEWS FLASH – I hadn’t noticed this before, and maybe Todd added it for Cyber Monday, but the Pineview Challenge Cup is on sale for $140 plus tax. That’s 12 races for $12.60 each. This is the member price, but people who buy the annual pass also get the member price. You will need a transponder, and there are limited number available at Pineview, so I’d add that to your cart if you need one.

Pineview Challenge Cup

Last year’s Pineview Cup Challenge was a scheduling challenge for many, and the feedback was that some people could only do this on the weekend. This year the Pineview Challenge Cup will have twelve events, on Thursday nights and Saturday mornings.

9/26/2020 – Challenge Cup final

Like last year, you’ll only need to come to some of the events to be included in the final race, and so this should work out for a lot of people’s schedules. The rules for next year aren’t finalized, and I’ve been working with Josh and Todd on some ideas. I’d like to get a rules steering committee together soon, and come up with a simple classing system that is fair to all. This is obviously going to be a challenge, since every racing series does it differently, and most of them are anything but simple. Stay tuned.

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